“I’m The Last One To Know The News About Me;” Priya Varrier Talks About Her Life As An Actor

Malayalam female actor Priya Warrier talks about her acting life.

By Abdul Azeez, July 02, 2022 16:17 IST

Priya Warrier is the star who went viral with the song Manikyamalaraya Poovi from the film Oru Adaar Love. Omar Lulu directed the film Oru Adaar Love. Priya's wink from the song has fans outside India as well. With the rise in fame, Priya faced many trolls on social media. She had given the name ‘Kuttus’ on troll pages as well.
Priya Warrier says that she didn't like the name Kuttus at first. In an interview, Priya said that she is not active on social media and she is the last one to know about the news about her. “I didn't like the name Kuttus at first. At the time it was on a Facebook page called Fan Fight Club. I don't even have a Facebook page and don't know what this is. Every actor has a name in it and I didn't have a problem when my name was Kuttus. There was no feeling.
And when someone started calling on the set, I would say no. Now when someone calls to make fun, I don’t mind. There is no problem, Kuttus or Priya, just don't call anything else. Now it has been four years since I came to the cinema. I have reached a level where I can face whatever comes;” said Priya.
“I’m the last one to know the news about me. I am not someone who keeps up to date by watching everything on social media, troll pages, or YouTube. So when the news comes, either my friends will send it, or my mother will call. Priya, there is news like this, there is a photo dressed like this when I get questions like this, I know that these things have been shared;” Priya concluded.

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