“It’s A Girl!” Actress Afshan Azad Blessed With Baby Girl.

Harry Potter actress Afshan Azad welcomed a baby girl. Afshan shares happiness through Instagram.

By Anoop Sai Bandi, July 28, 2021 21:09 IST

Afshan Azad, who is best known for playing Padma Patil in the Harry Potter film franchise, and her husband Nabil Kazi have welcomed a baby girl. She announced the birth of their 'Baby Kazi' through social media.
“By the Grace of God our Princess is finally here! We’ve been in this ultimate bubble of love and awe of her since she joined us Earth-side last week. God has blessed us with the most perfect, beautiful precious gift, Allah Humma Barik. I’ll probably be gone for a while to recover and rest and enjoy every single second and moment of this unexplainable feeling but I’m sure I’ll be back soon. Thank you to everyone for your messages checking up on me, and all your love and prayers as always;” She wrote on Instagram.
Afshan and her husband Nabil married In 2018 with many of the Harry Potter film stars in attendance. Afshan made headlines in 2010 after her family allegedly persecuted her for having a relationship with a man of a different faith.
Afshan announced her pregnancy in April this year. 'Thanking Allah SWT for gifting us our biggest blessing yet Baby Kazi due this July inshAllah. Both our hearts are filled with love, excitement and nerves! Not long to go, please keep us all in your prayers,' the actress posted.

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