It's An Emotion; Says Rishab Shetty On Daiva Kola's Scream From Kantara

Rishab Shetty, a popular Kannada actor, revealed that Daiva roopam's distinctive scream serves as Kantara's main draw. Kantara is the year's biggest box office success.

By Xappie Desk, November 20, 2022 11:31 IST

Kantara, a Kannada movie starring Rishab Shetty, has had incredible development at the box office. Kantara is a perfect example of a well-written script because it has the entire country talking about it. Everyone has been fascinated by the performances, music, and conclusion. The unique scream of Daiva Roopam has also been a special draw for the movie if there is anything else. Speaking about how accomplished he is, he claimed that he has known it since he was a young child.
'See it's a real thing that happens in our kola. We call it Daiva Kola, so there it's not just a scream, it's a statement. It's a verdict, it's an emotion so it's a blessing. So whatever I witnessed in our Daiva Kola since childhood that power of nature enters inside a human body and what happens after that is the reaction I tried to recreate', stated the actor-director.
Kantara is almost ready to premiere in Tulu after making waves in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. According to rumours, the Tulu release of Kantara is scheduled for the first week of December. A significant amount of the Tulu dubbing for the movie has already been completed. According to a source familiar with the situation, they intend to release the movie in the first week of December, but that is dependent upon receiving the censor certificate.
After Kantara's enormous popularity, Rishab Shetty has talked openly about the prospect of a sequel. The actor and director discussed the prospect of a sequel in an interview. 'No comments because right now the focus is on Kantara. We will think about the sequel later. Nevertheless, we tried several sub-plots for the film. We call it 'upakatha'. So we have sub-plots options for the sequel', said Rishab Shetty.
Rishab Shetty himself created and directed the film Kantara. The film, which is set against the backdrop of the Keraadi district of coastal Karnataka, centers on Shiva, a Kambala champion who eventually squares off against Kishore's moral DRFO officer Murali.

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