James Cameron Offers To Talk To Rajamouli About Making A Movie In Hollywood

Hollywood director James Cameron offered to sit down and talk with director SS Rajamouli about making a movie in Hollywood.

By Xappie Desk, January 21, 2023 20:03 IST

James Cameron is a famous and very well established Hollywood director. He made movies like Titanic and the Avatar franchise, which have minted millions at the box office. The director recently met with our very own super director, SS Rajamouli, at an after awards party. The photos of these two directors talking have been going viral on the internet for quite some time now.
Now, the conversation between these two directors is going viral on the internet. According to the latest video trending online, James Cameron has offered to talk to SS Rajamouli about making a movie in Hollywood. James Cameron said, 'If you ever wanna make a movie over here, let's talk', indicating that he's more than happy to guide Rajamouli in making movies in Hollywood.
Rajamouli has gained international fame and recognition with RRR. The movie attracted huge international craze after it was released on Netflix, where audiences from everywhere fell in love with the movie. For the past few months, the film has been carrying a lot of awards buzz. Recently, it went on to win the prestigious Gold Globe Award for Best Original Song for Naatu Naatu, from RRR. Music director MM Keeravani accepted this award.
RRR is now expected to receive some major nominations at this year's Oscars. Whatever nomination the movie might end up getting, it is going to create history, as the film would be the first Indian film to get nominated at the Oscars after more than two decades. Moreover, it would also be the first Indian film to get an Oscar.

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