Just Tharun Bhascker Things: Tharun leaks his chat with Vijay Deverakonda

Director cum actor Tharun Bhascker's Meeku Maatrame Chepta, produced by Vijay Deverakonda is having a decent run at the box office.

By Manoj Kumar, November 07, 2019 13:09 IST

Rowdy Star Vijay Deverakonda turned into a producer and came up with his maiden production venture, Meeku Maatrame Chepta. Starring director Tharun Bhascker in the lead role, this film has hit the screens last Friday and is having a decent run at the box office.
Meanwhile, the team is hosting a special screening for the college student tonight. Tharun himself leaked a conversation between him and Vijay regarding this plan. The Whastapp conversation is as follows:
Tharun: Arre come re Vijay
Vijay: I sat and cut one special birthday teaser for you ra. watch and enjoy
Tharun: I have, ee embarrassment enti naku?
Vijay: Embarrassment enti, nee manchithanam ra
Tharun: Nenantha manchodini kadu. naku aa gift chaladhu. I want a proper gift
Vijay: Ask away
Tharun: Can you dance in my next film?
Vijay: No. Good Night.
Tharun: ok ok. maybe this will do.! host a special screening for college students.
Tharun: Producer Saab, emantav?
Tharun: nidrapoyava
Vijay: sorry, dinner.
Vijay: Done done. 100%. I'll set it up
Vijay: Just entha mandi manollu ostaro count cheppu naku. approx
Tharun leaked this entire chat on social media and revealed that there will be a special screening for students. The screening starts today at 7 pm in AMB Cinemas. A special link came into existence to book the tickets using college ID proof. The tickets got sold out in a few minutes. The team of the film will also attend this special screening.
This is Tharun's way of promoting a film and he is also an expert in catching the attention of the audiences. Hope this works out well!

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