Kannada Actor Rishab Shetty To Shoot His Next Film Kantara In Keradi

Kannada actor Rishab Shetty has returned to direction with Kanta,a which he will shoot in his hometown Keradi.

By Anoop Sai Bandi, October 10, 2021 12:21 IST

Kannada actor Rishab Shetty has been busy with his acting projects for the past few years. Now, the actor is back in the direction, his first love. His upcoming film directorial venture is Kantara, which will be shot in his hometown Keradi. The film will deal with human vs animal conflict.
In an interview with The Time of India, Rishab Shetty said, 'It is a conscious move for me to break away from the pattern and do something new like I have with each film. I want to do something that excites me. I attempt to showcase a new culture or a new ambiance through the making of each of my films. I am excited as this is the first time I am exploring the genre. From the visuals, characters, and emotions, everything is new. This is making this whole filming experience all the more delightful. The core team plans to stay in Kundapura till the film ends. We are currently planning the next schedule. We are shooting for the film in my hometown, Keradi, where I wrote the film. I have imagined the story based on the places that I have seen while I was growing up. Each location is so picturesque. The team jokes, calling it Keradi film city.'

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