Karen Gillan says she wants to see Nebula turning a new leaf in Guardians of the Galaxy Part 3

Karen Gillan who plays Nebula in various MCU films said she is hoping that her characters get to start a new life in upcoming films

By Apoorv Shandilya, June 08, 2020 16:36 IST

With the conclusion of Marvel's biggest films in Avengers Endgame the future of many of its characters still remains uncertain. Scottish actor Karen Gillan who plays Nebula in many MCU films has now revealed what she is hoping to see for her character in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film. The James Gunn helmed space adventurers will be joined by Nebula as she has given up on her rogue life after the death of Thanos.
Nebula last appeared in Avengers Endgame where she joins Peter quill and Thor as they venture out into deep space.
Speaking to a virtual panel on Galaxy Con Live Gillan said, 'She is (Nebula) someone who's dealt with abuse from her father from such a young age... In Avengers, she had to face the source of her abuse and then actually watch him get eliminated from her life.'
The actor added saying that she is eager to see 'future Nebula in the sense of what she's going to be like now that that source of abuse has gone out of her life, how's she going to build herself back up... I'm interested to maybe try and take her to a place now where she starts to rebuild her life.'
The upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Part 3 also stars most of its original cast. This includes Drave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Chris Pratt as Peter Quill and Elizabeth Debicki as Mantis. The film is scheduled for release sometime in 2022.

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