Kiccha Sudeep Affirms His Intention To Direct Salman Khan, Stating, The Process Began Last Year

The plan was set in 2021.

By Fitha Fathima, July 30, 2022 11:05 IST

In an interview in 2021, Kiccha Sudeep discussed his intentions to direct a feature film with Salman Khan. Since then, not much is known about this subject. Sudeep discussed his future plans with Salman. He confirmed that something is progressing in that direction. 'When (read IF) I am directing Salman Khan, you should wait no,' he chuckles.
Sudeep quickly adds, 'The process just got underway last year, so please give it some more time. I have to explain him the story, and if he agrees, he must then confirm when he will appear on set. That's how it will be with Salman Bhai. A lot of individuals are writing for him, which keeps him quite busy. We keep talking about it, and it will happen when it should.' In the Hindi markets, Salman is presenting his Vikrant Rona.
According to Sudeep, SK watched some movie footage and was really pleased. 'Before joining the film, he definitely saw the show reels, which lasted for around 18 minutes. He was pleased and has been connected to us ever since. I have a connection with him and an equation with him. Once he learned that I was targeting the Hindi market, he responded, 'I am there for you.' I didn't go asking him; he just said it. It's a huge thing. He is a best known star and is getting paid like anything, according to Sudeep.
The actor ends by saying, 'He was there for me and gave my film his best. It means a lot to me. He would do anything if he believes in it.'

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