Lena Does Not Have Much Interest In Being A Heroine; Wants To Do Every Characters.

Malayalam actress Lena opens her mind about why she did not want to act as a heroine.

By Xappie Desk, July 26, 2021 19:56 IST

Lena is a star Malayalam actress who has gained a place in the minds of movie lovers through her strong characters. Lena has been able to perfect the characters she plays in every film. Lena says she has no great interest in becoming a heroine in films. Lena opened up in an interview with Kaumudi.
Lena says; “There is a limit to being a heroine. A maximum of five years. It will be over by then. I was not satisfied with being this heroine. The heroine of that time is a character who only looks at the protagonist, who appears in the scenes with the protagonist, and essentially cries. There was very little to perform. When I looked at all this back then, I thought if it was enough to just do all this.
Lena added why she did not want to do this. She said; “I did not want this. I wanted to be a villain, a doctor, a cop and so on. That was what an actress should do, I had felt. Being a heroine is not the only thing. I wanted to do all sorts of roles. That's the satisfaction I get when it comes to the 115th movie right now. It would never have happened if I had only existed as a heroine.”
The first look poster of Lena's first film as a screenwriter, 'Olam' was released earlier. Lena turns to screenwrite after 23 years of an acting career. The film is scripted by directors Abhilash and Lena. The film stars Arjun Ashokan, Lena, Binu Pappu, Harishree Ashokan, Nobby Marcos and Suresh Chandra Menon in the lead roles.

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