Liger Movie Actor Vijay Deverakonda To collaborate With PSPK28 Movie Director Harish Shankar?

Reports suggest that Vijay Deverakonda who will next be seen in Liger is in talks with Harish Shankar who is presently busy with PSPK28.

By Sathvik SV, July 04, 2021 11:39 IST

If the latest reports are to be believed, Vijay Deverakonda who is raring to resume shooting for his ongoing project Liger is in talks with Harish Shankar for a potential collaboration.
Vijay Deverakonda initially planned to work with Sukumar once he is done with Liger. But things did not pan out as planned as Sukumar turned busy with Pushpa duology. Vijay is now in search of a capable director for his next project and Harish Shankar who has been waiting for a long time to work with the former is playing his cards now.
Dil Raju recently set up a meeting between Vijay and Harish Shankar to discuss a potential collaboration and both of them seemed to be interested in the proposal. Vijay will decide on the project after Harish Shankar manages to come up with a winning script.
As for Harish Shankar, he is fully focused on his immediate next film PSPK28 which will feature Pawan Kalyan. He can start working on a script for Vijay Deverakonda only after he is done with PSPK26 which could take at least 6-8 months.
A collaboration between Vijay Deverakonda and Harish Shankar is very much on the cards now but nothing is consolidated.

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