Lissy Lakshmi Gets Nostalgic, Talks About Working In 1981 Film Vikram

Kamal Haasan borrowed the title of Vikram from his 1981 film, which also starred Liss Lakshmi and Dimple Kapadia.

By Anoop Sai Bandi, May 13, 2022 16:30 IST

Recently, Kamal Haasan was spotted at Chennai's Le Magic Lantern, a studio owned by actress Lissy. The two had acted in the 1981 film Vikram. AS she saw Kamal Haasan, she shared fond memories from the shooting spot.
Taking to Instagram, Lissy Lakshmi wrote, 'Now and Then!! After several years Kamal sir is making another movie titled Vikram !!! The subject of the new movie is totally different from the first Vikram. I was one of the heroines of the original Vikram!! Even though I'm disappointed that I wasn't offered a role in the movie, I am immensely proud that the voice recording of Vikram is done in Lissy Lakshmi Studios!! It was indeed one of my proudest moments to have Kamal Sir and the new Vikram team in my studios !!! Vikram!! What an experience it was!!! I cut my 17th birthday cake with the entire team on location!! India's first Bond movie, Shooting in Rajesthan, acting with one of India's greatest Superstars (who was also the producer of the movie), accompanied by Dimple, who looks like Greek Goddess, the biggest crew I was ever part of !! For a 17-year-old school girl, it was intimidating at first but the excitement, euphoria, and magic was awesome!! One of my fondest memories ever!! My best wishes to Kamal Sir, Lokesh Kanakaraj, and the entire crew of Vikram!! (sic).'

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