Mahesh Babu Is Pumped About Leading An SS Rajamouli Film, Shares Excitement In An Interview

SS Rajamouli’s untitled film will feature Mahesh Babu in the lead role. Mahesh Babu shared his excitement in working on the film, saying, “doing one film with Rajamouli garu is like taking up 25 films at once”.

By Vignesh K, August 08, 2022 19:17 IST

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding Mahesh Babu's upcoming project with SS Rajamouli. It will be the first film that we will see the duo in a combination. “It’s a dream come true for me to work with him. Doing one film with Rajamouli Garu is like taking up 25 films at once. It’s going to be physically demanding, and I’m really excited about it. It’s going to be a pan-India film; I hope we break many barriers and take our work to audiences across the country,” he says.
With South Indian films such as KGF, RRR, and Pushpa spreading over Bollywood, Mahesh believes it is an exciting moment to be an actor. 'I feel we are on the verge of having a unified film industry.' Neither south nor north. There is just one major film industry. I've always felt this, and it's encouraging to see more cross-cultural material emerge.'
According to the actor, he has now chosen to see movies in theatres exclusively. 'At first, the OTT wave seemed exhilarating. You are exposed to a variety of content in many languages. I've watched a lot of content myself. During the lockdown, I actually binge-watched episodes in many languages. I can't recall anything now since I've viewed so much information - everything is a haze. As a result, I've quit watching shows as a matter of policy. It's good to watch a movie every now and again, but I've decided to stop watching television. It takes up too much of your time,' he concludes.

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