Major Sandeep's Father Hung Up On Us; Adivi Sesh Discusses Major

Adivi Sesh revealed how he looked forward to the feedback from Sandeep's parents.

By Xappie Desk, December 26, 2022 18:33 IST

The Adivi Sesh movie Major, which turned Mumbai into a battle zone and touched everyone emotionally, was undoubtedly powerful, especially for those who had experienced the 26/11 event. Adivi Sesh deserves recognition for not only acting in the movie but also contributing to its writing. He took care to ensure that this wasn't just another militaristic war film.
An actor yearns for the audience's approval to assess the caliber of their performance. When questioned about whose approval he was most looking forward to after the release of Major, Adivi Sesh responded, 'Major Sandeep's parents,' during the Bollywood Hungama Actors Round Table 2022 hosted by Astroyogi. He continued, When Mahesh Babu was on board with the film and we had everything other than Major Sandeep’s parent’s permission, we called them up. The first thing uncle (Major Sandeep’s father) did was hanging up the call. We called him for the second time, he hung up on us again. We had a girl in our team, hoping that he would be softer towards the girl, we asked her to call this time. As expected, he had a rather gentle approach towards her. Somehow, after 7-8 phone calls, we figured out a way to convince him for a visit.
When Major Sandeep's father was asked about the incident, he described it as follows: “The father said that there were multiple actors, their managers, production companies from Hindi and Malayalam industry who tried to contact him for the story. I said I am from neither. I belong from Telugu industry. It was just me trying to set myself apart from other in some way as I was desperate. After meeting them 7-8 times, it felt like they finally started believing in us. Uncle one day said that he believes I am going to make this film 10%. I was rather happy that he moved from zero to ten at least”.
Adivi added, describing Major Sandeep's family's response to the movie: “They saw the movie three days before the release, in Bangalore. For me that was sort of ’The Acid Test’ as I didn’t know what would happen next. Fortunately, they loved the film, and not only that, but they also brought me to the NSG base in Powai, which is created in his name. It says “Unnikrishnan Dwar” on it and the centre of the campus resides his statue. Everyone in the campus, worships Major Sandeep. They looked at me and questioned if I was going to be portraying Major Sandeep and also made me shoot at the gun range.
Fortunately, I hit 6 out 10 marks due to the training I received during the shoot. So, it was even their validation I was seeking for along with the country’s”.

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