Malavika Mohanan Clarifies That She Wasn't Criticizing Nayanthara: 'I Really Respect And Admire Her'

Malavika Mohanan has stated that her criticism of the term lady superstar wasn't directed at Nayanthara. She had taken issue with the combination of lady and superstar.

By Xappie Desk, February 13, 2023 15:06 IST

Malavika Mohanan has got herself in hot water yet again after making a remark about the 'superstar' label for celebrities and how it should be gender-neutral. Malavika stated that the superstar label should be applied to people of all genders as part of the promotion for her next Malayalam film Christy. Nayanthara's admirers are outraged with her comment as they believe she singled her out because she is known as the 'Lady Superstar.'
Malavika is heard discussing the superstar tag and how it ought to be gender-neutral in the promotional video. “I don’t like the term (superstar). Actors can be called superstars but I don’t (understand) what is lady superstar. You don’t ‘lady’ tag. Superstar is enough,” she said.
Following Malavika's remark, Nayanthara's supporters expressed their displeasure on social media. After the uproar, Malavika took to Twitter to clarify that she wasn't referring to Nayanthara as she holds her in the highest respect and is inspired by her journey.
Malavika responded to an article in the media. She wrote: “My comment was about a term that is used to describe female actors & not about any specific actor. I really respect & admire Nayanthara, and as a senior really look up to her incredible journey. Can people please calm down. Especially the tabloid journos.”
Nayanthara recently addressed Malavika's complaints regarding the portrayal of one of her characters in the Telugu movie Simhaa. Nayanthara responded to comments Malavika Mohanan had made in an earlier interview during a promotional interview with TV anchor Dhivyadarshini for her most recent movie.
In a clip, Nayanthara responded to Malavika's particular statement. She said, “In this interview of another heroine. She didn’t mention my name but she was talking about me. She said she saw me in a hospital scene from a movie and I looked prim and proper. She’s asked how someone can look so pretty in a hospital scene. I don’t say one has to look prim and proper in a hospital but that doesn't mean you have to look shabby, no?” The sequence in question, according to Nayanthara, was taken from a commercial movie.

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