Mammootty Helped Me During That Second Heart Attack; Actress Molly Kannamally Reveals.

Actress Molly Kannamally reveals that Mammootty helped her when she faced a tragic heart attack.

By Xappie Desk, October 22, 2022 14:21 IST

Molly Kannamally is an actress who entered Malayalam cinema through television series. Molly recently announced that she will star in an English film. The actress is acting in a film titled “Tomorrow”. The film is written, produced and directed by Joy K Mathew, a Malayali working in the Australian film industry. Now Molly's words about actor Mammootty are getting attention.
Molly said that it was Mammootty who helped her when she was exhausted at one point. Molly says that was when the second stroke came and everyone said she was going to die that day. Molly's revelation was in an interview given to an online channel.
Molly Kannamali's words:
“Knowing that I was not feeling well, it was Mammootty who told me to take the operation. He had told Anto Joseph about that. By the time I went to the hospital, I was told that my health was not good. Even after the operation, they will not be able to do it. So I decided not to do it. I thought it can be treated with medicine. If nothing else, there is no one to look after me. I got hypertension at a very young age. I was too tired to speak that day. When it came to the film field, it made a few bucks and everything was fine. Then came the sudden heart attack. By the time the second heart attack came, I was exhausted. It was while I was standing for the stage show. Everyone said that I was going to die. So I went into deep debt. Mammootty told Anto Joseph, and then Anto Joseph brought me the money.”

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