Minnal Murali Theme Song Out; Tovino To Have A Blast

The theme song of Tovino Thomas’ new film Minnal Murali is out.

By Abdul Azeez, November 09, 2021 17:33 IST

The theme song of Tovino Thomas’ new film Minnal Murali is out. The film is expected to be a major turning point in Tovino’s career. It is also the introductory song of the folk superhero Minnal Murali. Sushin Syam is the music director for the song sung by rappers Martian and Sushin Shyam. The lyricist is Manu Manjith. The film, scripted and directed by Basil Joseph, will have its release on Netflix on December 24.
Sofia Paul produces Minnal Murali under the banner of Weekend Blockbusters. Apart from Malayalam, the film will release in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi. While Mr. Murali is the Hindi version, the Telugu title of the film is Meruppu Murali. The film's title in Kannada is Minchu Murali. Minnal Murali is also the biggest budget film of Tovino's career.
Talking about the film, director Basil said that the viewers could interact on an emotional level with the hero. Basil Joseph said he was happy to release the film on a world-class platform like Netflix. Earlier, Tovino had said that from the beginning he felt close to the character of Minnal Murali.
The film’s shooting had faced a lot of troubles from the beginning itself. This ranges from the destruction of the film set in Aluva to the death of the two crew members. Earlier, director Basil had said the film did not compromise on anything. “Despite its limitations, we did not compromise on any of the elements required for the film. The producer was with me for three years. I believe it is because of the faith in this film. Covid has been a blessing to us in another way. Because the filming took so long, Tovino was able to use a variety of getups at different times. That is an achievement of the cinema;” Basil added.
Minnal Murali is Basil's second film featuring Tovino in the lead role after Goda. The film will be the first superhero movie in Malayalam. Arun Anirudhan and Justin Mathew wrote the screenplay for the film. The cinematographer is Sameer Tahir. Shaan Rahman composed the music for Minnal Murali.

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