Modern Love Hyderabad To Premiere On July 8 On Amazon Prime Video

After Modern Love Mumbai, Amazon Prime Video announced Modern Love Hyderabad, which will premiere on July 8.

By Xappie Desk, June 26, 2022 14:46 IST

Modern Love Hyderabad is the second edition of international original anthology titled Modern Love. The new series will feature six heartwarming stories that talks about human relationships. The series is headlined by Elahe Hiptoola and Nagesh Kukuoor. Nagesh, one of the directors and the showrunner sadi, 'We are delighted to partner with Amazon Prime Video for a prestigious international franchise like Modern Love which has touched the hearts of fans and audiences across the world. Unlike New York and Mumbai, which are megapolises, the charm of Modern Love Hyderabad lies in the fact that it is a city which has witnessed rapid modernisation in the last decade or so, while keeping in touch with its multi-cultural roots. This made for an excellent study in how the true cultural essence and social fabric of the city could feature in these stories of modern love.'
“It has been an absolute pleasure crafting these gems set in our home, Hyderabad. We have attempted to not only showcase Hyderabad’s various moods and colours but also reflect the modern-day human connections making it relatable to audiences across demographics. Audiences are in for an entertainment treat as the anthology features some of the finest actors from the region who are masters of their craft and directed by filmmakers of repute. We have on board some brilliant musicians who have created original tracks for the episodes elevating the uniquely Hyderabadi flavour of all our stories. I believe the audience is going to enjoy every minute of each of these stories which are full of warmth, tenderness, real and raw human emotions,” added producer Elahe Hiptoola.

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