Mohanlal Expresses His Displeasure Over Vijay Babu's Participation In The General Body Meeting Of AMMA

AMMA president Mohanlal expresses his displeasure over Vijay Babu's participation in the general body meeting.

By Abdul Azeez, July 06, 2022 19:29 IST

It is reported that Mohanlal expressed his displeasure over Vijay Babu's participation in the general body meeting of the star organization AMMA. Reporter TV reports that it was assessed in the executive meeting held today that bringing Vijay Babu to the meeting led to criticism. Baburaj also said that the decisions of today's meeting will be published as minutes.
There are also reports that Mohanlal scolded the channel managers who had shared the video of Vijay Babu coming to the meeting in the name of 'Mass Intro' on Amma's YouTube channel.
Earlier, Vijay Babu's participation in Amma's general body meeting was a huge controversy.
Meanwhile, Kochi South Police conducted the evidence collection in the rape case. In the past few days, evidence collection was conducted in a flat in Panampally Nagar and in a luxury hotel in the city. The investigation team is collecting information such as witness statements, and CCTV footage. This would show that Vijay Babu had reached the flats on the day of the torture.
In the case, Vijay Babu was taken to his flat in Marine Drive and police took the evidence. The young female actor had said in the complaint that Vijay Babu had molested her in the said flat as well.

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