Mughdha Godse says she doesn’t think a piece of paper makes any difference to her relationship with Rahul Dev.

Mughdha Godse also confessed that she feels like she is married to Rahul Dev already

By Apoorv Shandilya, April 13, 2021 12:06 IST

In a recent interview, Mughdha Godse has finally opened up about her relationship with Rahul Dev. After avoiding questions about their marriage for a while, Godse has revealed a lot more about Dev. The two actors started staying together almost two years ago and Mughdha now confessed that she feels like she is already married to Rahul Dev.
Responding to the constant questions Mughdha said, “We have to face all these questions as a public figure. They are going to ask, ‘What’s happening? When are you getting married?’. I tell people we are very happy together. We are not labelling anything with marriage, we feel we already are, and just a sign away from the thing. There’s so much going on, we are working. Eventually what matters is happiness, and that’s what we have. Being honest when asked these questions makes life easier for both of us. Rahul also thinks the same, there is no issue on that matter.”
“We are happy and we never thought we should go and get married. It is a beautiful institution, and as I said, we feel we already are. We are happy in this live-in, it’s going well. A piece of paper is not going to make any difference, frankly speaking,” she added.

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