Music Director RP Patnaik’s Second Film 'Coffee With A Killer' Launches Trailer

Anil Ravipudi launched the trailer of 'Coffee With A Killer' at an event in Hyderabad.

By Vignesh K, September 29, 2022 10:44 IST

RP Patnaik began his career in cinema as a music director with the 1999 film 'Nee Kosam.' The music director is getting ready to make his directorial comeback with his next movie 'Coffee With A Killer,' five years after his 2008 directorial debut, 'Andamaina Manasulo.'
Anil Ravipudi debuted the 'Coffee With A Killer' teaser on Tuesday at a gathering in Hyderabad. Raghu Kunche, Gemini Suresh, Banerjee, Ravi Prakash, Gautham Patnaik, Anush, Tirumala Nag, Krishna Reddy, and director Raj Krishna were among the guests at the trailer launch event.
In the trailer, a murderer is hiding out in a coffee shop. He is mistaken to be a comedian by some. A police officer enters the coffee shop with various customers, including a settlement batch, a young man who reads horoscopes, and a family that frequently discusses girls. The central conflict of the novel is what transpired between them all.
RP Patnaik directs the film, which Sevenhills Satish produces. He is best known for his work on 'Battala Ramaswami Biopikku,' under the name The Best Creation in collaboration with 7 Hills Productions. Recently, 'Coffee With A Killer' wrapped up filming. The technical team hired for 'Coffee With A Killer' included music director RP Patnaik to create the soundtrack, cameraman and editor Anush Gorak and dialogue writer Tirumala Nag.

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