Music Director Sandeep Chowta teams up with Bangalore City Band Peepal Tree

The band Peepal Tree is all set to release their new album in collaboration with music director Sandeep Chowta

By Akanksha Sridhara, March 25, 2020 15:13 IST

The Bangalore city band Peepal Tree will be releasing their new album on March 30th 2020 on all online platforms. The album is a tribute to the city of Bangalore. According to the band, the album will take its listeners on a nostalgic trip as it reminisces “Old Bangalore.”
Peepal Tree has collaborated with multi-lingual music director Sandeep Chowta. Chowta has composed music scores for a number of Hindi, Telugu and Kannada films. He has worked on Kannada films like Ranga SSLC (2004), Cynaide (2006) and Thamassu (2010).
The album is titled 560001 to represent the city of Bengaluru. It is a 4 track album that focuses on the positive aspects of ‘namma ooru.’ The album also features Kannada rap artist Gubbi who has previously released a song called “Naadamaya, a song for Bengaluru.”
Speaking about the new album, Sujay Harthi, vocalist of the band, says, “Bengaluru gets a lot of flak because of its bad traffic and poor infrastructure and. So, with this new album, we want to shed light on the positives that the city offers. There are two songs about Bengaluru in the album. The first track has a folk tune, Cheluvayya Cheluvo, which a lot of people will be able to relate to immediately, while the second number is about friendship. These songs, we feel, will immediately take Bengalureans back in time.”
“Giving a little insight into the genre of the album, Sujay says, “It’s a complete deviation from our band’s sound, which is Rock Funk. But this was not a deliberate attempt. We, too, were surprised by the outcome. Hope the audience will enjoy it.”
Sandeep Chowta, who has composed and produced the album, says, “Since the album is about good things about the city, the timing of the launch is kind of perfect, given the lockdown and situation we are currently in. The music and lyrics are essentially about the memories we share in the city.”
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