Nadirshah Says 'Eesho' And 'Keshu' Will Not Change Names, Ready For Any Punishment If Feelings Are Hurt.

Nadirshah replies to the recent controversies on the title of his upcoming films. Films are titled Eesho and Keshu Ee Veedinte Nathan.

By Xappie Desk, August 02, 2021 12:40 IST

Eesho and Keshu Ee Veedinte Nathan are director Nadirshah’s upcoming films. Christian groups demanded to change the names of Nadirshah's new films Eesho and Kesu Ee Veedinte Nathan. They claimed that the name was an insult to Jesus and the Christian faith. These groups also launched a vicious cyber-attack on Nadirshah and the film on social media.
Nadirshah says the title of the film does not offend any religious belief and does not intend to change the name. “The film has nothing to do with the highly revered prophet Jesus. This is just the name of a character (for those who work against this movie to know) so I will only change the tag line ‘not from the bible’ just because my dear brothers in the Christian community are upset;” wrote Nadirshah.
He added; “As an artist who has a lot of friends from all religions and is willing to respect all religions equally, I am not a cultural idiot who can hurt and hurt anyone's mind. After the release of 'Kesu Ee Veedinte Nathan' and 'Eesho', I am ready for any punishment you may inflict if any religious sentiment is hurt in that film. Until then please excuse me.”
After Amar Akbar Anthony, Jayasurya is collaborating with Nadirshah for Eesho. Another cast member of Amar Akbar Anthony, Namitha Pramod also plays a lead role in the film. Keshu Ee Veedinte Nathan, featuring Dileep and Urvashi as a middle-aged couple, recently completed shooting.

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