Nandini Reddy gives clarity on 'Telugu Lust Stories' again

Telugu filmmakers Nandini Reddy, Tharun Bhascker and Sankalp Reddy are doing Lust Stories in Telugu but it is completely different from what we saw in Hindi.

By Thulasi Ram, November 05, 2019 09:32 IST

Nandini Reddy is one of the top directors in the movie industry who recently scored a hit with Oh Baby. After Oh Baby, the director immediately moved on to her upcoming movies. One of them is a feature film and another one is the Netflix original project, on the lines of Lust Stories.
Since the time the news about the Telugu version of Lust Stories came out, everyone cooked up stories that it is an official remake. But, Nandini Reddy, who is one of the four filmmakers doing it has given clarity. Still, there is no end for the speculations. Hence, Nandini Reddy has taken to Twitter today to give clarity on the same.
Nandini Reddy posted, 'For the nth time...... Lust stories in Telugu does NOT feature any of the stories already seen in Hindi.'
With this, it is clear that the Telugu version will be on the lines of Lust Stories but is not an exact remake. Ronnie Screwvala is producing this in Telugu under RSVP Films.
Nandini Reddy's project features Amala Paul in the lead and the shoot for the same is over. Sankalp Reddy is also directing one story which features Eesha Rebba.
Tharun Bhascker is also a part of the project.

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