National award winning director Sudhanshu Saria says he is disappointed by the plagiarism of his film

Sudhanshu also pointed out some glaring similarities between his film Loev with an upcoming web show titled His Storyy.

By Apoorv Shandilya, April 12, 2021 18:11 IST

Sudhanshu saria is seriously upset with some major production houses in the Hindi film industry. The national award winning filmmaker recently spoke about the plagiarism row that has sparked between his film Loev and an upcoming web show called His Storyy. The director commented on the row saying, “Some time back, I was told by my country that I exist when I got the National Film Award, and then two weeks later, one of the most senior people in my industry pretends as if nothing I do matters and I’m invisible and insignificant.”
The director further said that he is not going to sue anyone but he is utterly disappointed by the entire ordeal. He added, “I’m not looking to recover money from them, or sue them. I just want them to know that it’s not nice and not okay. What kind of a culture are we in? Where you can have a marketing meeting and take somebody else’s idea. You have the money to hire them, but you don’t want to? You simply want to cannibalise other’s work. That’s not okay.”
To give credit where it’s due, Alt Balaji quickly responded to Saria and apologised. They also released a statement on Twitter apologising for the similarities between His Storyy and Loev and revealed that they have deleted the poster from all platforms.

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