Netflix Investing Big In South, Will It Pay Off?

Streaming Giant Netflix Has Been Going Through A Rough Patch For Several Months Now.

By Xappie Desk, January 16, 2023 19:21 IST

Netflix is among the world's top streaming giants, churning out movies and other content in various global languages, on a regular basis. At one point, Netflix was the most profitable streaming service in the world but has been going through a slump for the past several months. The streaming service has been losing out on a lot of subscribers.
Netflix was launched in India in 2016, but is far behind many of its contemporaries, with respect to its popularity and number of subscribers in the country. The streaming service's position in South India is even worse, with not much content available in the languages. As a result, the streaming service has been trying to develop a lot in that sector.
As per reports, Netflix is busy acquiring the rights for several Telugu, and other South Indian language content right now. Netflix recently announced 16 new Telugu films. The list includes Waltair Veerayya, Bhola Shankar, Dhamaka, Anushka Shetty-Naveen Polishetty movie, 18 Pages, Tillu Square, and several others.
The main reason for Netflix falling behind is attributed to its pricing. As opposed to its contemporaries, Netflix doesn't offer annual plans. Netflix's original content is also often seen as non-relevant to the local audience.
With so much going against Netflix, it would take a lot for the streaming platform to pick up in India. Netflix still does have subscribers, but most of them only watch international content. The popular opinion about Netflix is that it should concentrate more on understanding the local pulse. It is now to be seen if it will be able to do that.

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