Netflix's Maska is a middling affair; Only Manisha Koirala remains as a saving grace

Manisha Koirala earlier acted in Lust Stories that streams on Netflix and she is now in their new movie Maska.

By Xappie Desk, March 28, 2020 12:03 IST

Over the years, Netflix has produced many world-class films like Roma, The Irishman, and The Two Popes. On the flip side, Netflix India is continuing to bankroll mediocre work. Barring a couple of originals, all Netflix India's content proved to be nothing less than mediocrity. Another addition to this list is its new release, Maska. Starring Manisha Koirala, Prit Kamani and Shirley Setia in the lead roles, this film premiered yesterday. Despite its promising premise, Maska failed to become an engaging watch. Only Manisha Koirala becomes a saving grace of it.
Maska is the story of an aspiring actor Rumi (Prit Kamani) who plans to give up his family business of running an Irani cafe in Mumbai, only to pursue his Bollywood dreams. Manisha Koirala played the role of Prit's mother and the owner of Irani cafe. Her performance as a typical Parsi lady is spot-on. Prit is a promising actor who showed two shades of his character very well. Popular actor Javed Jaffrey owned the show in his special appearance. It is good to see him back in a good form.
But Maska is a story which we are seeing on the screen for many ages. There is nothing new in it. The only unique element in the film is its theme of Irani cafe. Otherwise, the screenplay is a normal one that got done and dusted in many Indian films. Moreover, apart from Mumbaikars, people of other states might not relate to the Irani cafes concept. Thus, Maska suits limited audiences and even those people might struggle to watch it completely.

streaming now #maska @NetflixIndia

— Manisha Koirala (@mkoirala) March 27, 2020
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