“No Terrorist Can Be Brainwashed In Five Minutes Like That;” Shine Tom Chacko Talks About His Role In Beast

Actor Shine Tom Chacko talks about his role in the film Beast.

By Abdul Azeez, June 21, 2022 17:12 IST

Shine Tom Chacko is an actor who has won the hearts of the Malayalam cinema audience through his many character roles. The actor also made his Tamil debut with the Vijay-Nelson film Beast. Shine is all set for the release of his new film Adithattu.
Now, the actor is talking about his role in the Tamil film Beast. Shine says that the audience would have liked the film if it was ten years ago. 'Kill all the terrorists and let the hero win. What is all this?' It shows the imagination of the film, or shows what we cannot do in life. But after a while, people will not tolerate it. The hero kills all the terrorists in the world and eliminates the terrorists, so to speak. We would have seen these ten years ago. No terrorist can be brainwashed in five minutes like that. Sometimes the terrorist will take him away.
I told them first, what do you mean by extremist? Not the local people who bend over backward when showing Rs 100 or Rs 50. They are those who strongly believe in one thing and believe in it even when they die. It won’t work going to them and saying, 'You have a country, see that child as your own child. But it's interesting for people at times, but it's not going to be the same for a hundred or two hundred years;” said Shine Tom Chacko.
Shine's upcoming film is Adithattu starring Sunny Wayne in the lead role.

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