NTR-Koratala's film has fans worried, what's going wrong?

It's been a while since it was announced that NTR would be collaborating with Koratala Siva for his 30th film. However, the lack of any updates from the film has fans worried.

By Xappie Desk, January 31, 2023 19:42 IST

Young tiger NTR is currently at the top of his game with the grand success of RRR. What's more, the actor made it to the top 10 actors with the chance to get nominated for the Best Actor category at the Oscars, by Variety magazine. While NTR didn't get nominated in the end, he made history as the only Indian actor to get into that list. The actor even reportedly got an exclusive meeting with a Marvel executive, where he reportedly spoke about being a part of the Marvel superhero universe. With so much happening in the actor's favour, it's naturally a wonder that there are no updates on hi 30th film yet. It's been a while since it was announced that he would be teaming up with director Koratala Siva for his 30th film. The pre-teaser of the film was also released last year. Despite all that, there's no update over when the film's shoot would begin. This has now resulted in major worry for his fans.
NTR's fans are worried, and even frustrated about what's causing the film to be delayed so much. Earlier, there were reports that the film's shoot would begin in February. However, there has not been anymore news about that later on. Director Koratala Siva supposedly continued to work on the script of the film throughout 2022.
With every top actor in the industry currently being busy with their own projects, it's a wonder why NTR is seemingly in no hurry to get his film started

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