Popular TV actress Navya Swamy gets tested positive for COVID-19; Urges everyone not to panic about it and shares tips

Navya Swamy is also the new entry to the list of celebrities who got tested positive for COVID-19 and she will come out of it soon.

By Anoop Sai Bandi, July 02, 2020 11:57 IST

Corona Crisis is slowly growing but there is no control for the same. The virus is affecting the movie industry badly and the TV industry is also seeing the effects of the same. Now, we came to know that the popular TV actress Navya Swamy got tested positive for the virus. She is strong and has put out a video, confirming the same to her fans and followers. In the video, she also gave tips on how she is coping up with the same.
Navya Swamy urged people to take precautions and stay away from negative. She says there is nothing to fear even if you test COVID19 positive. 'Yes. I am tested COVID positive. I consulted my doctor and I isolated my doctor immediately. I am taking medicines, supplements, and taking care of everything properly. I informed all that I came in touch with and asked them to isolate themselves. There is no need to panic about. There is nothing to be worried about even if you are tested positive. We should isolate ourself and stay away from people. I am doing absolutely fine and I will come back to you with flying colours very soon.' she told in the video.
Let us hope for her speedy recovery!
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