Prithviraj And Tovino In Solidarity With The Afghan People’s Fight Against Taliban

Malayalam superstars Prithviraj and Tovino Thomas have come out in solidarity with the Afghan people. Prithviraj and Tovino expressed their solidarity with the Afghan people on social media. The actors shared a letter from Afghan director Zahra Karimi describing the current situation in Afghanistan.

By Abdul Azeez, August 16, 2021 22:45 IST

The two have shared Sahraa Karimi’s post asking for help in sharing it with filmmakers and film lovers around the world. Many people have come up with positive comments under the post of Prithviraj and Tovino. The post also has pro-Taliban comments.
Both the actors shared the picture which said; “To All the #Film_Communities in The World and Who Loves Film and Cinema! I write to you with a broken heart and a deep hope that you can join me in protecting my beautiful people, especially filmmakers from the Taliban. #Share it please, don't be #silent.”
Many have already shared the letter, expressing their solidarity with the Afghan people's struggle against the Taliban. Singers Harish Sivaramakrishnan and Sithara had earlier come out in support of Afghanistan. It was through a Facebook post that the two came out with criticism against the Taliban.
In the meantime, the Taliban have declared that they have taken control of Afghanistan. Afghans have started fleeing the capital of Kabul in search of refuge since the Taliban's invasion. People were racing to the airport in scenes. The Taliban's danger was made apparent, even by women who had travelled to India.

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