“Puzhu Is A Movie That Proves What I Was Trying To Say About Kasaba;” Says Parvathy

Actor Parvathy talks about her role in the new film Puzhu. Puzhu is set to release tomorrow via SonyLIV

By Abdul Azeez, May 12, 2022 19:59 IST

The audience is eagerly waiting for the release of Mammootty's ‘Puzhu’ directed by Ratheena. The reasons for this are many. First of all, Mammootty will be playing a character in a way that he has never done before. Secondly, Parvathy and Mammootty are acting together for the first time.
Parvathy's reaction to film ‘Kasaba’ was so controversial. Mammootty played the lead role in the film. Parvathy was referring to the celebration of Male chauvinism and anti-feminism in Kasaba. Parvathy says that the film ‘Puzhu’ will prove what she tried to say with ‘Kasaba’. In an interview, Parvathy spoke about getting the role in the film ‘Puzhu’.
“Harshadika was calling me on the phone. I have known Harshadika for a long time. But at the time he was the script writer for the movie Unda. I asked him to tell me synopsis, not the whole story.”
Parvathy added that she had no problem in co starring with Mammootty in the film. “He wanted to know if there if I have problem acting in the film, even before he told me the story. It was because Mammootty is acting in it. How it affects my decision, and who I co-star with, is not something that affects me. I said that acting with Mammootty is not a problem. This is something I keep repeating;” said Parvathy.
Parvathy also said that she decided to do the film the film Puzhu without even thinking for a moment. “After that I heard the story. I said yes without even thinking for a second. However, he said that he should read the entire script. There are very few movies where I say yes through a phone call. ‘Puzhu’ is a movie that proves what I was trying to say about Kasaba. Another joy was being able to be a part of the same movie. Puzhu is exciting for me as an actor. I have never done anything like this before;”Parvathy said.
Ratheena’s Puzhu will release on May 13th via SonyLIV. S. George produces the film under the banner of Celluloid. Apart from Mammootty and Parvathy, the film also stars Nedumudi Venu, Indrans, Malavika Menon, Kunchan, Kottayam Ramesh and Vasudev Sajeesh Marar.

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