Raksha Bandhan, Starring Akshay Kumar, Is Eexpected To Earn Rs 8 Crore On Its First Day

Here is a full analysis of how the Akshay Kumar and Aanand L. Rai film Raksha Badhan did at the box office on its first day.

By Honey Rose Thomas, August 15, 2022 17:01 IST

The Akshay Kumar-starring Raksha Badhan, which is directed by Aanand L. Rai, is off to a tough start at the box office. Early projections state that Raksha Bandhan will open to between Rs 7.50 and Rs 8.75 crore. With non-national chains and single screens playing a major role. It seemed like a Rs 7 crore starts in the morning. But as the day went on, walk-ins climbed, bringing the movie closer to Rs 8.00 crore on the first day.
Raksha Bandhan will ultimately raise Rs 3.90 crore from the three national chains and roughly Rs 4 crore from international brands. The best performing Raksha Bandhan centers were in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. It doesn't always state things are going well there. Overall, Raksha Bandhan is off to a slow start at the box office. If its target audience is buzzing about it favorably, the holiday season may be able to help it make up for the first day's loss of money.
The movie should have opened in the double digits but that plainly didn't happen. Placing pressure on the movie to establish an exceptional trend and eventually overtake the century mark. There will undoubtedly be a decline in sales on Friday.  Raksha Bandhan's future will ultimately depend on sales on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. (Independence Day).
If Raksha Bandhan is able to maintain its current level on Friday, it would imply some sign of popular support. A decline would need waiting and seeing. Given that it was a holiday release, first-day sales ought to have been higher. Raksha Bandhan centers in places like Mumbai, Delhi, and even Punjab saw a spike in dismissals. So it's critical that these centers join the effort if the overall total is to be considered respectable.
Observe that these are based on recent trends.

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