Ramany Vs Ramany 2.0 Is Back! Get Ready Fans

Ramany Vs Ramany is an iconic series in the history of Tamil film industry.

By Anoop Sai Bandi, January 14, 2022 19:33 IST

Back in the 90s, Ramany Vs Ramany is an iconic series that turned out to be a cult classic. Now, the third version of the show is back. The series will play Ramji and Vasuki Anand in lead roles. Ponni Suresh and Param Guhanesh will play their daughter and wife.
Shedding lights on this new season, director Naga says, “Family life is full of ups and downs, tears and cheers. This is true for any family whatever its composition be. The commonality crosses not only geographic boundaries but race, religion, caste, or creed. The Indian family, as compared to those of the west is unique in certain respects. Though the idea of a joint family with the grandparents, sons, and their families all living under the same roof is fast vanishing, the strong influence (interference, at times) of these relatives is never a thing of the past. So it is still a joint family living in different places. Set in this scenario, each family has its own issues of ego clashes, generation gaps, incompatibility, teenage woes, and child upbringing. These are apart from the problems they face from the outside world.”
Producer Pushpa Kandaswamy, Kavithalayaa Productions, says, “As a producer, I am happy to create the new season of our all-time hit series ‘Ramany Vs Ramany’. The great success of the franchise on online platforms made us develop the third season with this new family. For more than a year we have sat on the episodic themes almost taken from our daily lives. We have created this new season based on the elements that are very much common in the homes of present-day families, which will let the audience laugh out loud, enjoy and reflect in a few places”

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