'Rashmi Rocket' To Release On October 15; Taapsee Pannu Says She Was Shocked To Hear About Gender Testing

As the film 'Rashmi Rocket' releases tomorrow, Taapsee Pannu says she is im shock hearing about the gender testings.

By Abdul Azeez, October 16, 2021 18:43 IST

Taapsee Pannu said she was shocked to learn that women athletes undergoing gender testing. Taapsee says that she came to know about this in connection with the movie ‘RashmiRocket’.
Taapsee plays a character who wants to run for India in international arenas in ‘RashmiRocket’. But her life goes to ruins after she fails the gender test.
“I used to follow all kinds of sports. But I had no idea that so much of this nonsense was happening in this area. It's been happening for ages, and it's been happening at the last Olympics. I was shocked to learn this. How can you tell if someone is a woman or not? It is a condition that you can only compete if you are convinced of your identity as a woman. This test only applies to women. Others are preparing to go to Mars. But here?” Pannu said in an interview with PTI.
Akarsh Khurana directs the film ‘RashmiRocket’. Makers had released the trailer of the film earlier. The trailer is getting a great response.
‘RashmiRocket’ also stars Priyanshu Painuli, Abhishek Banerjee, and Supriya Pathak in the lead roles. The release is via the z5 platform as a direct OTT release. The movie will have its release on October 15.

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