'Rashmi Rocket' To Release On October 15; Taapsee Pannu Says The Film Is One Of Her Favourites

Taapsee Pannu says that the film 'Rashmi Rocket' is close to heart as the film approaches release date.

By Abdul Azeez, October 10, 2021 11:17 IST

With the release date approaching, Taapsee Pannu says the film 'Rashmi Rocket' is close to her heart. The sports drama starring Taapsee in the lead role is set to release on October 15.
Now, Taapsee opens up about her acting as the film gets to its release date. In an interview with IANS Taapsee said that she want to upgrade her acting. 'I don't want to see myself competing with anyone and I try to maintain it like it because I just feel that I need to just need to up my game,' Taapsee said while in a conversation with IANS.
Taapsee added that she was under pressure for the preparation of 'Rashmi Rocket'. 'Every year whatever I perform I need to up it the next year. That has been the only thing that has put me under pressure... That pressure drives so it is a good pressure to have. That's the pressure I like today and that's the race I like to run, where I am running solo. I am competing with my timing and not other competitors;” Taapsee added.
Taapsee revealed the reason for her closeness to the film 'Rashmi Rocket'. She said that she felt the film was something the whole country needs to see. 'If not the character the film is the closest than any film has been because I have never been attached to film from that level ... where you know the germ of an idea is presented and I kind of handheld it and gave it to someone else to develop because when I heard it I felt it deserves to be made into a film that our entire country sees,' Taapsee Pannu said.

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