Rashmika Being Ignored By Telugu Filmmakers?

With the lack of offers and a potentially reduced screentime in Pushpa 2, looks like Rashmika is being ignored by Telugu filmmakers

By Xappie Desk, February 15, 2023 20:14 IST

Rashmika Mandanna is an actress who rose up to a really high position in Indian cinema within a very short span. The actress started out small and slow in Kannada cinema. She then made her Tollywood debut. She even made her way to Bollywood from there. Despite her rapid growth, Rashmika is now associated with a lot of controversies. As a result, it looks as though the actress is being avoided by Telugu filmmakers on purpose.
Rashmika Mandanna has not been getting any offers in Telugu of late. The last movie that she was seen in, in Telugu, as a leading lady, was Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu, and the film was a disaster at the box office. Her performance in the film was also not very well appreciated. Apart from that, the actress was only seen in Tamil actor Vijay's Varisu recently. She was seen in a couple of Bollywood movies. None of these movies really contributed to her growth in any way.
On the other hand, the actress has been the center of attention due to her various controversial statements. She failed to acknowledge Rishab Shetty and Rakshit Shetty as being a crucial part of her career. This caused a major rift, with there being talk that the actress might even be banned from the Kannada film industry. After that, she passed a comment saying that only Bollywood has ever been famous for romantic songs and that the South has only mass songs. This became another cause for concern. With all this, it could be that Telugu filmmakers are intentionally disassociating with her.

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