Rashmika Mandanna Becomes The Ambassador Of The EVA Deodorant Brand

Rashmika Mandanna is in EVA's brand-new commercial, which celebrates each woman's characteristics.

By Fitha Fathima, September 26, 2022 20:20 IST

Rashmika Mandanna, a national favourite, has been named the brand ambassador for EVA, the nation's first women's deodorant line with non-alcoholic ingredients. EVA has released a brand-new video, which stars Rashmika, to celebrate each woman's distinctive personality. The company, whose slogan is 'With EVA, Special Happens,' brags about the quality of its products and captures the crucial stage in a young girl's life when she is starting to live out her goals with great excitement. Rashmika has recently enjoyed success in both the critical and business spheres as a result of her participation in several noteworthy projects. There has been increasing popularity not only in a particular region but also across the country thanks to a diversified lineup of films. With EVA deodorants, positivity and confidence are represented in a way that quietly emphasizes the product's exceptional qualities, reinforcing the tagline 'With EVA, Special Happens.' Rashmika Mandanna stated of her connection with the company, “I have always strongly believed that confidence and positivity come from within you. I find myself drawn to moments, people, and products that exude positivity and uplift me every step of the way. While I love the fragrance and how it helps me improve my mood, EVA tells a larger story that normalizes moments of self-doubt and self-discovery that occur in every young woman’s journey in life.”
“Partnering with EVA, a brand that so perfectly represents young Indian girls and their unique and one-of-a-kind personalities as they come of age, is a very fulfilling experience. I look forward to telling their story and helping girls find that little dose of confidence they need in key moments, with a single spray of EVA”, she added.
Vishal Vyas, Head of Marketing at EVA, commented on the announcement and brand film, saying, “Our primary mission has always been to prioritize our brand in a way to extend positivity and elevate one’s confidence through EVA’s usability. Partnering with Rashmika Mandanna, a candidly positive person has been a pleasure. We are grateful to have her on board as the brand ambassador of EVA as she brings newness and fresh perspective to the film and we believe special happens for the brand with this special partnership.”
EVA is a girl's best friend that promotes self-improvement and is available to all young girls thanks to its wide range of products and variations.

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