Ratings Are All Fake, 80 Percent Reviews Are Paid: Producer Vijay Babu

'5 million, 10 million reach posters does not come. This is all fake. As a producer I say this is all fake. But there are reviewers for genuine.'

By Xappie Desk, February 08, 2023 22:58 IST

Actor and producer Vijay Babu says that the writings being done in connection with the film are fake and paid. Vijay Babu revealed these things in an interview given to Mirchi Malayalam.
Promotion is important nowadays. It should be done through social media. Locals should know that we are releasing a film. That requires social media advertising and holding. 
Later, Vijay Babu responded to the question whether he was paid to write a review. It's like saying we live in a fake world and everything is fake. Everything is paid. I can keep my movie's rating as 9.9 on the rating app by paying. It can also be maintained continuously if paid.
We're dropping a song now. Should it be 1 million, 2 million, 10 million? Now we are going through a fake system. Now as soon as I download a song, the phone calls asking me to hit 5 million sir. 5 million, 10 million reach poster does not come. This is all fake. As a producer I say this is all fake. But there are reviewers for Genu.
Everyone can comment on a product. There is freedom of speech for that. But rating a product is not correct. No one else is authorized to rate one's product. You can comment on it if you want. Don't rate a picture if you don't see it. 
There are paid reviews. 80 percent of reviews are paid. There is no other fulfillment. People are there to degrade a film. So there is no other way. When a good film comes out, there are people who review it thinking that it should not run. At this point manufacturers will also rely on paid reviews to say good things. We don't want to live either. It is also possible to review the movie badly as paid. 
Budgets are set aside for such paid review ratings. To increase the rating, the producer will buy tickets from many theaters paying money. But the film will not go. Based on that, the rating will be done later - says Vijay Babu. 
Sometimes it's funny when you drop a song and see 2 million views, 3 million views after a night, you laugh. Vijay Babu says that sometimes 20 people will not see this film in theatres.

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