Riverdale star Camila Mendes opens up about playing a 'comparatively mature' character in Netflix's film Dangerous Lies

Camila Mendes who plays the role of Veronica Lodge on Riverdale, spills the beans about her 'comparatively mature' character in Netflix's movie Dangerous Lies; Read on

By Saumya Bansal, May 04, 2020 09:46 IST

Camila Mendes has transformed her role from an immature teenage girl to a more mature lady in her latest film. Mendes who plays the role of Veronica Lodge in Riverdale is playing a different character of Katie in Dangerous Lies. In an interview with a Hollywood's leading daily, Camila opens up about playing a different character in the film. She said, 'It was really nice to know that I could be seen that way to play a more mature role. Obviously I love playing high school, too. It's not like I'm opposed to either. It felt nice to graduate to an older character.
While her character of Veronica Lodge in Riverdale is pretty rich and happening, Katie is shown as a caretaker of a wealthy man. This sudden change of class in her roles really excited her. She added, 'It was really nice. I really enjoyed that change of pace of playing a character that wasn't born with money. I think it's nice because not only does it make the character more relatable to the audience, but I also think it's sometimes a more interesting story to have a character who is really working toward something. Not to say that Veronica isn't. She definitely is very ambitious. But I always personally gravitate towards characters that are kind of figuring it out.'
Dangerous Lies is a Netflix film which is a murder mystery. Along with Camila Mendes, the movie also stars Jessie Usher and Jamie Chung.

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