“R.Madhavan has officially become a whatsapp uncle from a chocolate boy;” Madhavan’s Video Goes Viral On Twitter.

R Madhavan’s video saying India launched Mars mission by lloking at Panchangam goes viral.

By Abdul Azeez, June 26, 2022 14:31 IST

The upcoming movie Rocketry: The Nambi Effect portrays the life of ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan. Film goers are eagerly waiting for the film from its announcement. Actor Madhavan will be making his directorial debut with Rocketry: The Nambi Effect. He will be portraying Nambi Narayanan on screen as well.
Now, Madhavan's reference to India's Mars mission is being discussed on social media. He said in a video that ISRO scientists had launched the rocket looking at Panjangam.
Madhavan says that India did not have the capacity to use three engines. “The rocket was launched into orbit by foreign nations using three engines: solid, liquid and cryogenic. With this the rocket went straight to Mars and orbited for a year. But India did not have the financial capacity to use three engines.
However, the Panchangam contains a celestial map that contains all the information about the various planets, their gravitational pull, and the deflection of the Sun's flames. All this was calculated in India 1000 years ago. In 2014 we were able to launch at an accurate microsecond with information from the calendar. Our rocket orbited the earth, orbited the moon, orbited Jupiter's satellite and used the gravitational pull of Mars to reach Mars;' Madhavan said in the video.
The video is now going viral on Twitter. Some trolled Madhavan's comments on Twitter mocking the achievements of scientists. One person wrote on Twitter why such valuable knowledge was not published on the ISRO's website. “R.Madhavan has officially become a whatsapp uncle from a chocolate boy;” a Twitter user wrote.
But there are those who support Madhavan. They say that this may be the knowledge gained from ISRO scientists Nambi Narayanan and Arunan.
However, the film Rocketry: The Numbi Effect will release on July 1st. Shah Rukh Khan and Suriya will be making guest appearances in the film starring Simran.

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