Sakshi Agarwal To Play Female Lead In Guest: Chapter 2

Sakshi Agarwal is thrilled about laying the lead role in Guest: Chapter - 2. The film is directed by Ranga Bhuvaneshwar.

By Xappie Desk, June 26, 2022 15:55 IST

Director Ranga Bhuvaneshwar's Guest: Chapter - 2 features Ranveer Kumar, Vidhu Balaji and Sakshi Agarwal in lead roles. Jaangiri Madhumitha will play a crucial role in the film. The film is produced by G Gopalakrishnan of Good HOpe Pictures. The first-look poster was launched recently by Sneha and producer Suresh Kamatchi. The film will have cinematography by Ramesh G, music by Anvar Khan Tariq and editing by Zion.
In a statement, Ranga BHuvaneshwar said, 'In the recent times, the movies with different and unique concepts are getting red-carpets spread out by the ardent film buffs, who are expecting something new for their theatrical experience. The movie has got good scope for business aspects as well. Besides, this is the first-ever time; a movie based on ‘Wolf Man’ is being made in the Indian film industry. Although there have been one or two Hindi movies made based on this genre in Bollywood in the 70s, the makers had handled the presentation of a ‘Wolf Man’ in an ordinary manner. In contrast, the ‘Wolf Man’ in our movie has been created with so much of VFX works indeed. Since we don’t have proper VFX amenities to create the ‘Wolf Man’ characterization in India, we had to get it done in Hong Kong. We have shot the movie for 45 days across the thick forest across Kodaikanal and Trivandrum. Actress Sakshi Agarwal has done an appreciable job of staying in these locations throughout these schedules to shoot her portions with uttermost dedication and involvement.'

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