Salman Khan's ex-girlfriend Somy Ali reveals the actor cheated on her & this is why she broke up with him

Somy Ali, who's known for dating Salman Khan in the past, reveals the actor cheated on her & that's why she broke up; Read on

By Saumya Bansal, March 31, 2021 10:49 IST

Salman Khan has had a bunch of love affairs in the past. One of them is Somy Ali, who's once known for making headlines for her relationship with Salman Khan. But the two broke up after not much time of dating and people were left thinking why. Now, in an interview with a website, Sony reveals that Salman Khan had cheated on her. She revealed that she was very possessive for her just like any other girl of that age would be. She also entered the industry to be with Salman and as soon as she found out about him cheating on her, she left the industry and went abroad for further Studies.
Somy was just 17 when the two started dating. And after dating for almost 8 years, the two parted their ways. 'It’s been 20 years since I broke up with him. He cheated on me and I broke up with him and left. It’s as simple as that. I never went there (India) initially to be a part of Bollywood. Once I broke up with my ex, there was nothing keeping me there,' added Somy.
'I used to see Salman and Sangeeta (Bijlani) together at his house, holding hands. It used to kill me. I was this obsessed teenager out to marry Salman somehow. We started dating after a year. They broke up due to me. It was wrong, but I was too young to realize that,' she added.
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