Samantha opens up about Chaitanya’s first wife

Samantha, in an interview with Lakshmi Manchu, opened about her secrets about Naga Chaitanya.

By Aravind Peesapati, September 21, 2019 14:23 IST

Lakshmi Manchu has been aggressively promoting her upcoming show 'Feet Up With the Stars'. The first episode will be out on VOOT streaming platform from September 23.
Since she shares a close rapport with all the Tollywood stars, we can expect many juicy secrets to come out in the open. Samantha seems to be the first guest on the show.
Lakshmi Manchu asked Samantha to open up about her live life, but the latter zipped her mouth. Then she rephrased the question and asked about three things that changed in the bedroom after marriage.
While asking the question, Manchu dropped a huge secret. She said, “I know you were in a live-in relationship before getting married so tell me the truth now.”
Stating that Lakshmi Manchu is making her reveal so much, she said, “'Actually pillow is the first wife of Naga Chaitanya and even now if I have to kiss him, there will be a pillow coming up in the middle of the bed.”

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