Santosh Lakshmanan : A Name Not So Familiar But A Face We All Remember

A brief story of the actor director Santosh Lakshmanan.

By Abdul Azeez, June 18, 2022 19:46 IST

Santosh Lakshmanan could be an unfamiliar name for the Malayalam audience. But for sure will know his face well, with many movies. Santhosh's face has been seen in most Malayalam movies as a guest worker for a few years now.
Santosh has also done a role in the Suraj Venjaramoodu movie Heaven which was released last day. He also plays the role of a guest-worker named Balwant in Heaven.
Santhosh has been seen in films for many years and is not only an actor but also a film director, screenwriter, and assistant director. Santhosh directed the film The Last Two Days, which was released on the Nee Stream OTT platform with Deepak as the central character. Santosh has also co-written the script for the film.
He has acted as a guest worker in over 13 films, including Anmariya Kalippilanu, Anjaam Pathira, Oru Vadakkan Selfie, and Njan Prakashan.
Santhosh is happy to ask, 'Do you have an extra battery?' While working as an assistant director in Vadakkan Selfie, the role came to Santhosh by chance.
Santosh started his film career as an assistant director to Major Ravi in Karmayodha. Since then, he has co-directed several films including Picket 43, and Aadi.
He has also played a role in Jo and Jo starring Nikhila Vimal Mathew Thomas.
Santosh Lakshmanan is also in the cast of Neelavelicham directed by Aashiq Abu. Santosh Lakshmanan also wrote and directed the short film Ottamooli, starring Jeethu Joseph for the first time.

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