Satyajeet Dubey’s mom contracted COVID-19 : comments 'next to impossible' to get a hospital bed

Prassthanam actor Satyajeet Dubey comments that his status helped in getting a bed in the hospital. His mom tested positive with COVID-19 and is now in isolation. The increasing number of cases is burdensome, he mentioned.

By Mohana Sravya Rayaprolu , May 18, 2020 11:32 IST

Actor Satyajeet Dubey, who made huge buzz with his latest role in the film ‘Prassthanam’ posted about sad personal news on Instagram. The actor revealed that his mother, a 54 year old lady, has contracted the Coronavirus, and is in isolation in a hospital in Mumbai. He mentioned that she showed symptoms like a high fever for over a week, a severe migraine, nausea, body aches, and a lot of shivering. Due to the same, they found it necessary to get her tested for COVID-19 and that's when the scary news broke out to the family.
In his post, the actor wrote his heart out in these difficult times, to keep his fans updated. In an interaction with the Hindustan Times, he expressed his gratitude about his privilege to be able to get her a comfortable stay at the hospital. He reckoned that getting a bed in the hospital felt like a big task on it’s own. His words quote, “As a son, I wanted to give her the best in terms of comfort. But, if you go through the normal channel, it’s next to impossible to find a bed in hospitals right now. Thank God for the kind of work I do, and the people I work with — I had to call a few people and pull some strings, and people were kind enough to say, ’You don’t worry about it, we will help’, and they did.”
He went to mention that the co-stars of the film ‘Prassthanam’, namely Sanjay Dutt and Ali Fazal were extremely efficient in getting help in time. He also mentioned thanks for the actors Amitosh Nagpal and Tisca Chopra. The actor also extended gratitude towards the Mumbai police, hospital staff, and BMC staff for their services.
His post also assured the fans that he and his sister are doing absolutely fine and that there have been no symptoms of any sort. However, they are following the quarantine regime to ensure they don’t be a liability for society. They are staying indoors with their pets and praying for speedy recovery for their mom.
Credits: Hindustan Times

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