Sherin's Famous Azhagiya Asura Gets A Reboot

Sherin rose to global fame with her exceptional dance performance in Azhagiya Asura from her horror film Whistle.

By Anoop Sai Bandi, May 13, 2022 16:46 IST

Sherin Shringar played the lead role in Whistle and she mesmerized everyone with her dance in Azhagiya Asura. Decades later, she decided to remix the song. She is currently in the US holidaying with her family members. In a recent interview with Times of India, Sherin said that the work on the remix song has already started. She had initially attempted to sing the remix. However, she wasn't impressed with it. She added that she may give it another try or approach professional singers or newcomers to sing the song.
Speaking to the publication, Sherin said, 'That song is special to me in so many ways. It was a hit number and got me so much love from my fans. The first draft of the mix is done. My music director suggested that I sing the song as well. I’ve recorded a version, but somehow, I’m not impressed with it. So now, we’re looking for other voices for it. I may give it another shot, too. But I am being very careful about the remix. I don’t want to do a remix just for the heck of it as it is a song that is still liked and listened to.' She also appeared on Bigg Boss Tamil 3. Now, she is thrilled about her comeback film, Rajini.

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