Shriya Saran and her husband Andrei Koscheev response to cheap comments on Instagram live

During a live stream, Shriya Saran encountered a cheap comment; her husband Andrei Koscheev responded with a funny comment.

By Akanksha Sridhara, April 16, 2020 20:55 IST

Shriya Saran receives praise for her acting, dancing and grace. Like many actresses, Shriya also encounters flattering comments. However, some comments can be very inappropriate. While live streaming on Instagram, the actress noticed an inappropriate comment. The user wrote, “Nice b***s.” Shriya continued to speak while ignoring the comment. Her husband Andrei Koscheev, on the other hand, responded with a funny yet criticizing comment. “I agree with you guys, more comments on her please,” he said.
The couple got married in 2018. In an interview, Shriya opened up about her husband. She said, “God has been kind and I’m blessed to have such a supportive partner like Andrei. I somehow like the word partner more than a husband. Because Andrei is like my partner-in-crime, partner-in-fun and everything else. He’s really proud of me and my work. Whenever I’m stressed or worried about what I’m doing, he always tries to calm me down. He’s the best thing that’s happened to me and I’m loving every minute that I spend with him.”
In a recent interview, Shriya revealed that her husband was turned away by a hospital in Spain when shows symptoms of coronavirus. She commented on the situation saying, 'Chances are that even if he doesn’t have COVID-19, he will get it if he stays here,’ the doctors told us. So we decided to go home and self-isolate ourselves and get treatment at home. We slept in different rooms and maintained a safe distance from each other. Thankfully, he’s feeling better now, so I hope the worst is behind us.”
Credits: Instagram

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