Siju Wilson Surprised Me; Major Ravi Opens Up.

Director Major Ravi talks about the film Pathonpatham Noottandu and Siju Wilson’s performance in the film.

By Xappie Desk, September 12, 2022 09:25 IST

The film Pathonpatham Noottandu, starring Siju Wilson is running successfully in theatres. The film Pathonpatham Noottandu directed by Vinayan, starring Siju Vilson as the lead, has been accepted by the audience with open arms. The audience is saying that Siju, the revivalist hero of Aratupuzha, surprised everyone. Many people come to the stage praising Siju and Vinayan. Now director and actor Major Ravi's words about Siju are attracting attention.
Major Ravi says that Siju is sure to be the promise of Malayalam cinema. He said that the initiative taken by the director named Vinayan with the actor named Siju and the justice done by Siju to it are worth mentioning. “Siju gave an unexpected performance. Really surprised. Directors, producers, and people will be happy to say that we will get a new hero. The poverty rate will change. Vinayan's dedication is evident in every film his makes,” said Major Ravi.
Vinayan said about Siju that he is happy to present a strong action hero to Malayalam cinema. “May Siju, who dedicated himself to become Aratupuzha Velayudhapanikar, fly to greater heights. I will be there to support him,” said Vinyan.
Kayadu Lohar came as a heroine in the film Pathonpatham Noottandu. Chemban Vinod, Anoop Menon, Sudhir Karamana, Suresh Krishna, Indrans, and around fifteen foreign actors have acted in the film.

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