Silambarasan Receives Honorary Doctorate From Vels University

Silambarasan AKA Simbu received a honorary doctorate from Ishari Ganesh's Vels University.

By Anoop Sai Bandi, January 12, 2022 19:45 IST

Simbu AKA Silambarasan joined hands with producer Ishari Ganesh for his upcoming film, out of which Vendhu Thanindhadhu Kaadu with Gautham Menon, is in production. Recently, Simbu was bestowed with an honorary doctorate.
Dr. Ishari K Ganesh, founder, chairman, and Chancellor of Vels University says, “We are immensely delighted in presenting the esteemed actor Silambarasan TR with an honorary doctorate, as an acknowledgment of his outstanding talent and great efforts in the field of cinema. We at Vels University have a panel of committee members that research the achievements of eminent personalities from various fields. This year, the committee members, have unanimously decided that actor Silambarasan TR would be the worthy recipient of this honorary doctorate. I would like to clarify that it has nothing to do with the fact that the actor is a part of movies produced by Vels Film International. Very few actors are acclaimed as Destiny’s child, and Silambarasan TR is a befitting exemplification. He will be soon turning 39, and he embarked on his journey in the film industry when he was just 6 months old. It’s a rare scenario to see an actor's age and his years of journey, in the film industry being the same. We steadfastly believe that such an accomplishment needs good recognition, and hence, we are acknowledging through this honorary doctorate. Tamil cinema has been a blessed land of talented actors and technicians, who have unceasingly worked beyond brilliance, thereby bringing honor to the region on Pan-Indian and International platforms. I am glad that actor Silambarasan TR is undoubtedly the amalgamation of actor and technician, for his multi-faceted avatars as an actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, playback singer, music director, and producer is very well known to the world of cinema.”

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