Sivakarthikeyan praises Krishna’s Love Mocktail

Actor Krishna received a message about his film Love Mocktail from actor Sivakarthikeyan.

By Akanksha Sridhara, April 13, 2020 14:59 IST

Krishna debuted with the film Love Mocktail. The film has received both popular and critical acclaim. The film hit the theatres on 31st January 2020. The film was streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Many film personalities have been showering the makers of the film with praise and appreciation. Recently, actor Sivakarthikeyan has also praised Krishna for his performance.
The film has received appreciation from all walks of life. It has been a huge success and has gained popularity. Allu Sirish recently took to twitter to say that the film was 'fun and heartwarming.' Actor Krishna has said that he received a message from actor Sivakarthikeyan. He said “ Sivakarthikeyan watched the film on the digital platform, found my number and messaged me about himself, mentioning that he wanted to congratulate me for my film. He further added, I called him back and said it was nice to hear from him. He said Love Mocktail is a lovely film, which is fun and also filled with emotions. I was curious to know whether he understood the language, and he said yes, to a certain extent, and added that subtitles came in handy. Watching the film, and saying it is nice, is a good gesture. But going to the extent of finding out the number and calling me to praise it is a big thing.”
Krishna also stated that he has received calls from Bangladesh and Europe. He says, 'This clearly shows that cinema has no language barrier, and good work is always appreciated, irrespective of the place, time and the platform it is watched on. This feedback from celebrities and viewers is encouragement.'
Love Mocktail is available to stream on Amazon Prime. In addition to Krishna, the film also stars actors Amrutha Iyengar, Abhilash, Rachana Inder, and Kushi Achar, among others. Milana Nagaraj, who also co-produced the film along with Krishna. Raghu Dixit composed the film's score.
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